Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are so interesting and enjoyable for kids. Bedtime stories should be fun and not scary. My grandma used to tell a lot of stories. whenever my Grand Parents visits us or we go to their place for vacation she used to tell me stories before sleeping. Even I liked to hear stories while eating.

Every child likes to hear stories. In our school, we had dedicated half a day for storytelling. You may wonder why half a day but we teachers used to prepare visuals like charts, origami [ we can make birds, animals] or even cutouts and stick it with icecream sticks.

We make the Storytelling sessions more visually and make the children enact the characters based on the story. Small dialogues or Animal sounds if required will be enacted by the children.

Children enjoy storytelling sessions. Some parents on their own interests help us to be more creative during these sessions.

Parents, Teachers Welcome to my blog and I have created a forum page for story sessions so that you can share your kid’s favorite stories. It was my long-time dream that stories should be shared and it has come true. I am very excited to start this Storytelling session. Share your kid’s stories. From my part I will be posting Panchatantra stories.Post your feedback. Let us have interactive through this blog.