Fun Activities

Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are so interesting and enjoyable for kids. Bedtime stories should be fun and not scary. My grandma used to tell a lot of stories. whenever my Grand Parents visits us or we go to their place for vacation she used to tell me stories before sleeping. Even I liked to hear stories while …

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Apple -Bit Pasting Activity

Fun ActivitiesBit Pasting helps the preschoolers to focus on their work, enhance eye-hand coordination and pre-writing skills. Here we go to do Bit Pasting. Take any veggies or fruits, here I have taken an apple. Draw an apple in the Album or scrap notebook. Apple Bit PastingCut Red color Papers in square shapes. [Minimum 5 …

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Watermelon Activity

Water melon Activity is an awesome Activity. Kids like watermelon to eat. Certainly, they will enjoy doing watermelon on their own. Using the objects available from your kitchen you can make Watermelon Activity interesting and enjoyable. Kids enjoy doing fun activities. Their observation skills are very sharp. Their brains are developing so fast and want …

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