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How to limit kid's screen time?

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Friends, Young Moms, and Parents this is your page. Share your tips and tricks you are following.

I will share my tips in the upcoming days.

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We did a workshop with  Parents. 

The topic was -

"Limit your child's screen time. "

This is quite challenging for the present generation Parents. So we decided to have an interactive session with the Resource persons.

1. Whenever you take something you have to give something. so just taking back the mobile, videos or television its always the best to provide them quite interesting. 

2. Water coloring, Painting, outdoor games, meeting their friends, going to park, building blocks, puzzles, water play, mono act [ their favorite characters can be enacted by them.]

3. Set time limit for 1-hour minimum for mobile or television watching.  Water play makes the kid have fun. Depending on weather conditions swimming can be practiced. Watering the plants, Nature walk, Gardening, Creating scrapbooks or Albums [which helps to have nostalgic memories.] 

Hope these tips help. If you have any tips please share for other parents too. 



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