Boy and the wolf
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Boy and the wolf

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Characters: Boy, Sheep, Wolf, and the Villagers.

Once there lived a poor boy looking after the sheep. He used to take the sheep to a mountain nearby for grazing. He wished to play a game with the villagers. So he started shouting, "Wolf, Wolf has come. Please help me". The villagers were very helpful to the boy. So they came running to rescue him. But he laughed and said this is a game.

Another day, he played the same game. They were very angry and warned him.  Some people advised him, Dear boy "Don't tell lies". But he was playful and not listening to them.

After a week, the boy cried for help since really a wolf has come. He was in need of help. But Alas! No one has turned up to rescue him and the sheep.

He learned his lesson after losing the sheep.

Moral: Don't tell lies. 



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