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[Sticky] Monkey and the Cap seller

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Monkeys and the Cap seller


Once there was cap seller living in a small village. He used to sell caps for children. once he started to neighbouring village to sell the caps. On the way, it was very hot he decided to take rest under a tree. He kept his cap bag and slept for a while. When he got up there was no cap on the bag. He searched for the caps and lifted his head up, to his surprise there were many Monkeys sitting on the branches of the tree wearing his caps. 

He did not to know what to do? Then he got an idea... He know that whatever we do Monkeys will repeat the same action. So, he took his cap from his head throw on the ground. Immediately, all the Monkeys throw the cap on the ground. He collected all the caps and ran away.

Moral: Think and Act.

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Nice story. Will tell this story to my son today.

Sri Jaya
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  • Nice story. Please keep updating more stories


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