Flash Card

Flash Cards are simple, versatile and teaching aid. An activity using flash cards are fun-loving for preschoolers. Facilitators or Teachers can use flashcards for introducing and teaching new words or revising them.

Flashcards should be bright and colourful. It should not be messy or congested with pictures. A child might get distracted if the flash card has a lot of pictures. Even kids can play using flashcards.

Flashcards help in developing Memory, Attention span, and vocabulary.Flash cards enhance to develop observation skills.Visualization make the Flash cards attractive and interesting to the children. Flash cards can be of small or Medium size.

Small size flash cards – 4.2cm*2.9cm

Medium size flashcards – 8.5cm*5.8cm

Flash cards are available in Amazon. Play schools, Parents can purchase these flash card and spend a quality time with your kids.

Alaphabets -Flash cards from amazon

Action words-Flash cards from amazon

Phonics – Flash cards from amazon

Colours, Shapes & Sizes – Flash Cards from amazon

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