Grapes – Thumb Printing

Thumb Printing is an interesting and fun activity. My children enjoy doing this activity. The teacher or facilitator should be organized, well planned, and well prepared for doing this activity.

Things required:

a)A4 size Paper or Album Activity book

b) Draw any fruit or vegetables of your choice[ here i draw grapes] outline

c)Paint , Palette and water. [ green colour water colour]

How to do:

Take Green colour to paint to apply it over the thumb of the child,[better be left hand] and let the child press his/her thumb over the drawing. Make sure the child washes his thumb properly and let the drawing dry it. Then you draw the outline with a black sketch in his/her drawing. The child will be happy to see his activity. Educate the child about the benefits of eating fruits.

Grapes- thumbprinting
Grapes- ThumbPrinting

Fun Activities help the kids to develop fine motor skills. Invariably enhance to Pre-writing skills. They enjoy and become cheerful. Also, use your own imagination and creativity for thumbprinting. You can make flowers, chick etc.,