How to make the Preschoolers coming to school interesting?

It’s challenging for the Preschool Teachers or facilitators for the Preschoolers to come to school interesting. I have faced this situation for 15 days or 1 month. We call it a settling period or settling sessions.
Preschoolers in the initial days of starting their school do not show much interest to come to school. The reason is security. Its the main duty of teachers to give attention to each child and provide them security and make the class quite interesting.

Generally, Teachers are “Second Mother” to their class children. Also, they spend a lot of time with their class teachers than at home.
1)#Greet the child with a broad smile. Keep some Puppets or flowers in your hand and give it to them. Make them believe as if puppets are talking to them.

#Give the child, security, and confidence which will make them more comfortable in the class.
#Make the classroom decorative with charts and flashcards and hang their pictures.
#In the initial days of schools, give them some take away gifts or cards which will make them attend the school daily.
#Provide a conducive atmosphere in the classroom.
#Start your class with music or rhymes because Preschoolers like the rhythm and they enjoy the music very much.
#Put some music, Let them dance on their own and as a teacher you can dance with them.
#Make the child to learn through activity method or play way method than the contemporary method of teaching.
#Let the child bring their own favorite toys along with them which gives security to the child.
#Initially develop bondage between the child and yourself (teachers) so they feel school as their second home.
#) Strict atmosphere following rules and regulation does not help. Friendly atmosphere, outdoor games, activity games which help them to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills, field visit and nature-nurture will make the school interesting and enjoyable.
#Story telling sessions, show and tell Activity will take their fear and mingle with their friends and build healthy bondage with teachers.
#Converse with the child frequently, ask personal questions like what do you eat as breakfast, what food you like most, favorite colors, favorite toys, whom they met on weekends, where did they go with their parents on weekends. Also, give them a teddy bear hug and a word of appreciation like a “good job” -child’s name, “well-done” – child’s name or clap or give hi-fi to cheer them up. These kinds of small gestures and actions help to develop strong bondage between the child and the teacher.