Introduction and Identification of the Alphabets using Flashcards

Once the preschoolers get settled in their class, teachers teach alphabets to the kids in the classroom. If she uses the blackboard or charts to teach “A” the child’s attention span is less. They feel insecure in the new atmosphere. One child will be playing and the other will be crying. So it is best to use flashcards. Flashcards play an important role in teaching resources. If a teacher prepares 3 or 4 sets of flashcards it will be very useful for both the teachers and the kids. While preparing flashcards make flashcards without confusing the child. If the capital letter “A” means – introduce “A” caps alone. Do not introduce both Capital and small letters together. Kids get confused easily.

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In this corona time, kids and parents stay at home. How to spend a quality time with your kid is a mind boggling question to the parents? In this blog, i prefer to guide you.

[flashcard "A"]
[ flashcard sample]

Take a flashcard “A”. Hold it in your hand and say this letter is “A”. Repeat 3 times. Then handover the card to your kid. Let the child hold it now. Ask the kid what letter it is? The child might tell correctly or wrong. It is okay. Repeat again. The kid will start to tell gradually. By practice, your kid will start saying it correctly. Do not worry even if they say wrong. It depends on the mood of the child too.

Identification of the Alphabets

After introducing B, and C letters too, you can have an activity of identification of the letters A, B, and C. It will be like a game and your kid will start enjoying.

Activity -1

Keep the flashcards on the floor, play some music ask your kid to pick the card as you stop the music.

Hide the flashcards and make the child to find out the card. Let the kid say aloud the alphabet in the card loudly. You can cheer them by clapping or giving stars. Add your own creativity for introducing and identifying the alphabet.

Activity -2

Hold a flashcard and stand let the child pick the same card which you are holding and run and give it to you. This activity helps them to identify the alphabets, running makes them to deplete the energy. They would not feel bored.

In this way they can identify the Alphabet and numerals too.