Origami -Dog

I wonder why kids love dogs? Even my niece and nephew love to play with dogs. I know it’s an all-time favorite for kids. My other niece who is nearing 3 years loves to hear the dog stories. so, I trust you too interested to teach your kids how to make a dog in paper folding. Here we go

  1. Take Square Paper… square

2. Fold two ends and press nicely. Now you have got triangle shape.

Folding two ends of the paper make a triangle.

3. Now flip the triangle upside down and fold two ends to make the ear of the dog.

4. Draw 2 circles as eyes of the dog.

5. Cut a small red colour rectangle paper and stick as tongue.

It will be fun to make dogs using colored chart papers. Paper folding or origami enhance the kid to learn shapes, sizes, and color of the paper. while pressing the paper makes them develop eye-hand coordination which helps them to develop pre-writing skills.