Paper plate Activities

In this lockdown period COVID-19 situation, kids are bored without any outdoor activities. Parents especially mothers are keeping their fingers crossed on how to engage their children. Even television, mobile makes the child inactive, depressed, and to enhance their creativity, fine motor skills here comes the paper plate activities:

Materials required:

Paper plate 1

Paint -yellow

brush -1

stickyeyes -1

black marker -1

How to to

Take a paper plate and paint the plate with yellow color. Stick the eyes and draw the nose and mouth with a black marker.

Note: Only male lion have manes and not the female ones. You can teach them about the difference between male and female lions.


Paper plate – bear

Materials required

Paper plate -1

paint colour – brown

brush -1

Black marker -1

Cut the paper plate in the shape of a bear. Paint the paper plate with brown color and draw eyes, nose and mouth with the black marker.


Teach the kids about teddy bear rhymes. Its special characters like it can climb the trees. Narrate stories about the bear using the hand made bear.