Parenting tips

#1. Parenting a wonderful phase in life. Parents shower love to their children and want to give them the best in everything. There is no wrong in providing whatever they want. This is called Instant Gratification. Then the child will not learn the value and they do not know about patience.
#2. If a child asks for something, analyze if it is 100% required to give them then go ahead. Or Explain the situation, make them understand and know the value of patience.
#3. As a parent do not be so strict as well. They will not share anything about their friends, or events, incidents happened in the class or outside school premises. Treat them as friends when your child is grown up at the same time have control and authority towards them. This is balancing in the rope without falling on either side.
#4. Let your child know the good and bad times and make them develop confidence and willpower. If you want your child always in the comfort zone then the world will show its other face.
#5. Children are not your by-product. Treat them as individuals and listen to their passion and provide space.
#6. Make your child a good citizen and value the good qualities like kindness and love to others.
#7. Spend quality time with your children. If you do the workout, they will join you. If you read books they develop the habit of reading books. If you browse or gossip and they want to do their work it will not happen. so you are the role models to them.
#8. When the kid always throws tantrums do not make a mess by shouting or abusing instead provide them a substitute. Eg: Mobile time or tv screen is scheduled for 2 hours and still your child is viewing more than 2 hours instead of shouting at the child, take them out for walking, make them meet friends, do workouts with your child or do some activity like cleaning, painting, play puzzles or try building blocks, etc.,  

One of my fb friend’s son have done the art . Given the link to view. She has also helped to make it.

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