Recap – Letter “A” [Ant]

Repetition should be the mantra for preschool teachers, parents, and young moms. If you make them recall time and again, it will be imprinted on the kid’s mind. They will not forget forever. It will be in their memory forever. Present day teaching focus only on activity based learning than rote learning.

[ I will post How to introduce “Alphabets” to your young ones” at the earliest.]

Here another activity of “A” for Recap. This activity aids to enhance visual skills, language development, and eye-hand coordination.

A bit of advice to the parents, young moms: Do not aim for perfection. Let them color as they like. It will become a memory in the future. If it is perfect then it will not be a child’s work. Let them color as the kid’s wish and encourage them to color. Also just notice how your child holds the pencil, paper, and their interest level in coloring. As the days goes, the kid can colour within the boundary line. That might take for 2 or 3 months. But colouring activity should be given daily at least for 15 minutes.

Also talk more about the ant – e.g where they have seen the ant, the size of the ant, color, and what is the nature of the ant. What they eat and where do they live?

More questions bring them curiosity and listening skill is also developed.

Recap of letter “A”