Scrapbook ideas

Create a Scrapbook or Album for your kids.

It is mandatory to create a Scrapbook or album. It helps you to spend quality time with your child as well as it will be a memory for both the Parents and the child. It certainly builds strong bondage between the child and Parents.

Items required:

Chart Paper- 7 or 8 sheets

Brown paper -1 sheet

Colorful Decorative Paper -1 sheet

Sticker to write the Name of the child.

Take 7 or 8 Chart Paper and wrap them with brown Paper. Stick color paper above the brown paper and make it decorative as possible. Be creative and let the child enjoy it. Then staple or do the spiral binding.

Mention the date and day in the corner of the Scrapbook or Album. So when the child grows up it will be a memory to both the parent and the child.

Stick the photo of the child in the front cover. Collect leaves, twigs, seeds, seashells, photo of some animals when you go out or for a vacation where the child has seen the animals. Stick those collected items in the album or scrapbook. Place it in the order of the date. Let the child show the album or scrapbook to his/her grandparents, uncles, Aunt and friends.

The scrapbook or album helps the child to visualize, learn more vocabulary, and observation skills are developed.

Demo version for the making of Scrapbook videos will be given: