Watermelon Activity

Water melon Activity is an awesome Activity. Kids like watermelon to eat. Certainly, they will enjoy doing watermelon on their own. Using the objects available from your kitchen you can make Watermelon Activity interesting and enjoyable. Kids enjoy doing fun activities. Their observation skills are very sharp. Their brains are developing so fast and want to explore things around them. As a Parent or young mom, you can teach fun activities for the kids and enjoy quality time with your kids. [Age group 2 years to 4 years].
Provide guidance since kids need help and requires attention and safety.
Water Melon Activity
Items Required:
1.Paper Plate -1
2.Green Paint-1
3.Red Paint-1
4.Black colour stickers – 1 packet
5.blunt Scissors-1 Note: Please do not use sharp objects like knives, scissors in front of children.use only child safe objects.
How to do:
Take a Paper plate fold into two and cut a semi-circle. Take one-half, Paint the edges for 2 inches with dark green color. Let your child do the painting. He/She enjoys doing the painting. Then paint the center part with Red color. Let it dry for some time. Then stick the black sticker randomly as seeds.
voila… Watermelon is ready.
Also, educate them about the benefits of eating watermelon, essential vitamins and minerals available in the fruit, their color, and shapes.