Listen to your children

As a teacher, whenever there was an open day, I used to be so overwhelmed to meet the Parents. Children will be cheerful and proud to show their parents about their friends, classroom, and their teacher. They do not worry about grades or feedback from the teacher. Their world is happy and carefree. But the Parents on the other side would be only eager to ask about the marks, their performance, etc.,
My first advice to the Parents is “Please Listen to your children”. I tell parents that the world is changing, technology is fast developing so please give your time and ears to your children. First, understand their world, their passion, their likes, and dislikes. Do not force your opinion and ideas on them. They are not your by-products but an individual. Sow the seeds of good habits and culture, and the country will reap the fruits as a “good citizen”. Let them learn the Moral values and ethics and learn to know about their duty and responsibility. Good Marks, fame, and name will reach them without fail. When you listen to your child it will help to build a bond, strong relationship, and self-esteem within your child.

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