Gratitude – Thankfulness

We teach our child to say, “Thank-you”.If someone helps us or share with us we are grateful to them. We, “Thank God, Thank our friends, but we don’t teach to say thank you to the Parents. Some parents think it’s so formal. But it is an attitude. As a teacher, start teaching them. So that when they grow they can understand the efforts and hard work taken by the parents. As a teacher, I used to ask my children or students how they thank their parents and when they are doing it. If a child gets a costly toy or dress they want to show with their friends. But they do not thank their Parents who bought them. we think it is the Parent’s duty to satisfy the needs of the children. But it is the responsibility to thank Parents wholeheartedly.  It is a good habit to thank our Parents first.

# If your child is in primary school or a teenager as a teacher every Friday you can conclude your class by asking them to write a gratitude note about their Parents. In this way even if they grow old they will not neglect or ignore their Parents.

# Some tips on how parents can inculcate the habit of teaching or showing gratitude.

  1. The parents can share how they are indebted to their parents.
  2. This will help to teach the value of relations and develop a bond between child and parents.
  3. Also by showing through actions like helping the parents in the household chores, cleaning their rooms and sharing their day-to-day events with parents.
  4. Gift the parents with small items that are affordable and Parents will keep it as a memorable gift.
  5. Indians have the habit of doing namaskar to Parents. At least on special occasions like Diwali, birthdays let the child do namaskar to Parents. In this way, we can impart our traditions too to our children.