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nature and Garden

Children love to play than sitting idle. Toddlers generally roam around and like to explore things around them.As a Teacher or facilitator, provide them with a lot of outdoor activity than indoors. If its summer, Take them to walk in nature. While doing so let the child collect dried leaves, fallen seeds, old twigs, flowers …

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Flash Card

Flashcards are simple, versatile and teaching aid. An activity using flashcards are fun-loving for preschoolers. Facilitators or Teachers can use flashcards for introducing and teaching new words or revising them. Flashcards should be bright and colourful. It should not be messy or congested with pictures. A child might get distracted if the flash card has …

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How to make the Preschoolers coming to school interesting?

It’s challenging for the Preschool Teachers or facilitators for the Preschoolers to come to school interesting. I have faced this situation for 15 days or 1 month. We call it a settling period or settling sessions.Preschoolers in the initial days of starting their school do not show much interest to come to school. The reason …

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