Indoor Activities

Indoor activities help to limit the Screen time like Mobile and T.V. What will your kids do when it’s Raining outside or your kids having running nose? Some schools advise,” Please Do not send the child to school when your kids are running with temperatures”. Because it will affect other children’s health too. So, In this kind of situation What will your kid do? Please Don’t provide a mobile or T.V to pass the time. Limit their Screening time. Then what else can be done?
Puzzles, Reading out books aloud, Scrabbles, Chess, Carom, cubes might help for children above 4 years. Preschoolers or toddlers can also have indoor activities.
There are many fun activities which can be done at home. These fun activities help to spend quality time with your kids. Also, it helps to limit the screen time.
#1)Show and tell activity- This activity plays a vital role. It helps to develop their vocabulary, oratorical skills, observation skills and removes shyness, gets rid of fear. Take any object like car, airplane, fruits like Apple, grapes, veggies like carrot, lady’sfinger and ask various questions and make the child speak. Educate them the various benefits of taking fruits and veggies and vitamins present in them. Even while eating what vitamins available, their shape and colour of the fruits and veggies.  Interact with the child which helps the child to develop spatial skills, vocabulary, language development.
Click the below link [youtube videos – demo video]
Show and Tell Activity


Sorting Activity – This game is an interesting activity and kids enjoy a lot in this activity. Collect some different shapes and sizes of dried leaves, bottle caps, or carom coins will help. Place it in a container all these objects and keep separate boxes for each object. The child has to pick the dried leaves and put the leaves on one box. Similarly with bottle caps, carom coins. If the child is able to sort different sizes and shapes of dried leaves. It will be more interesting.


Pairing Activity- This requires planning and collection of objects and imagination too. Gather objects like a)Cup and saucer, b)plate and spoon, c)small cloth and thread, d)pencil and eraser, e)notebook and pen, f)small toys like table and chair, g)bat and ball, h)toy mirror and comb, i)small slate and chalk. Use your imagination and please comment on the comment section what other objects you used. Please do not give sharp objects like a knife, scissors and glass objects too.

Demo videos for these Youtube videos will be given shortly.